Only remaining works to be fixed at the airport include installing lights and equipment. With this, the airport has witnessed 92 percent physical progress and 63 percent financial progress.

Making public the annual progress report recently, Minster for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai said the airport construction is gaining momentum and necessary efforts are underway to expedite remaining works in the airport.

Had there been no COVID-19 pandemic, the airport would have come to its final preparation for operating commercial flights. The technical works of the project construction has been delayed at the airport due to COVID-19.

According to Prabesh Adhikari, Project Chief of the International Airport, technical works are very challenging. Though most of the equipment have arrived the challenge lies in importing technical human resource from abroad at the time when there are no international flights in operation, he added.

The task of devising equipment inside the terminal building of the airport is yet to be done. Fixing baggage handling, passenger security screening machine and Air Condition are still in the process.

The Nepal Airlines Corporation, the regulatory body of aviation sector, has said that the international airport would come into operation at the onset of 2021 AD.

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