(CNN)Alex Désert has won rave reviews in his new role as Carl Carlson on “The Simpsons.”

The long running popular Fox animated series debuted Sunday with its 32nd season and Désert voicing the character of Carl.

The actor, who is Black, replaced White actor Hank Azaria as the voice of the Black character and is the latest instance of characters of color being recast.

Positive feedback followed with “Simpsons” producer Al Jean tweeting “a warm Simpsons welcome” to Désert on Sunday.

“Man, Alex Désert really did a great job voicing Carl Carlson!,” one person tweeted in response.

Azaria is the latest White actor to step aside so that an actor of color could take on voicing a character of color.

Azaria helped kick off the conversation about White actors voicing such roles years ago following controversy over his portraying the character of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on “The Simpsons.”

That controversy hit mainstream thanks to comedian Hari Kondabolu in his 2017 documentary, “The Problem with Apu.”

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