BAJURA: Sushila Sarki of Pipaladi in Budinanda Municipality of Bajura district, who had come to Kathmandu for treatment of her ailing husband along with her four children, has been stranded in Kathmandu since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis.

“We used to make our living as daily wage earners. However, the on-and-off lockdown has added more misery to our plight as there are no means to make a living,” Sarki lamented.

The family has been taking shelter at an abandoned house nearby the jungle area in Chandaragiri Municipality, on the western-outskirts of Kathmandu, in hopes of being rescued by the local authorities.

One of the locals, Hem Sikhar Malla said the family is faced with hardship as  they have run out of food stocks earlier provided by the locals. “They have barely eaten properly since the last four months.”

Even though the municipality repatriated well-to-do people to the designated destinations, it has failed to rescue them, Malla shared.






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