RATNANAGAR: BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH) has offered free treatment worth Rs 380 million in a period of one year, hospital data shows.

It has provided assistance worth Rs 201 million to blood cancer patients only with the financial assistance of The Max Foundation.

The Foundation has been supporting blood and intestine cancer patients with three different types of medicines since 2004.

At present, as many as 630 cancer patients have received the free medicines, said the hospital.

Likewise, the hospital provided free treatment worth Rs 160 million under the service to impoverished people.

The government has been providing Rs 100,000 to cancer patients from a poor family.

According to the hospital, it has provided free treatment worth Rs 1.6 million to senior citizens while Rs 16 million to children below 15.

Cancer patients from within the country and as far as India visit the hospital.

The executive director of BPKMCH, Dr Dej Kumar Gautam demanded an increment in grants for services given by the government to poorest cancer patients.

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