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28 TV Shows And Movies You Need (*28*) Watch If You Love The “Shadow And Bone” Cast

I am, in fact, Prince Caspian 's #1 fan.View Entire Post ›

Listen: Gen Z Is Bringing Emo Back on TikTok–And Maybe Even Making It Better

“These artists are more willing to talk about political issues, things that are going on in the world, and things that they themselves have experienced.”View Entire Post ›

Former “Ellen Show” Employees Said The TV Host Is Finally Feeling The Consequences Of Years Of Behind-The-Scenes Misconduct

“If none of this came out she'd still be going strong, laughing all the way to the bank, and getting that daily applause,” a former employee said.View Entire Post ›

California Companies and Communities Participate in Building Safety Month

The month of May is recognized as Building Safety Month in California and across the United States. The theme this year is “Prevent, Prepare, Protect. Building Codes Save Lives." The event is sponsored and supported by the nonprofit International Code Council (ICC) and its many partners. - - Each week in May, a different component…

A Journey to a Kingdom made of Crystals Will Surely Delight the Imagination of Children

In a magical crystal kingdom, we will learn the value of faith, believing, asking, and receiving. The one-of-a-kind journey of two siblings will provide an imaginary treat and a valuable lesson for every child. In the book, “The Adventures of Joshua & Katerina: The Magical Broken Ornament,” Tina Kobylinski teaches four important lessons. -  …

Any Child Will be Enthralled by a Fun and Creative Introduction to the Salvation Story Brought to Us by an Author/Illustrator

The story of our salvation is arguably the most important story that we have to know as we walk in faith with Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He came down to Earth, and with humility, He taught us the principles of heaven. His life, teachings, and death are undoubtedly the cornerstone of our faith.…

A Strange Yet Adorable Tale About Beans Will Teach Children About the Beauty of Everyone’s Uniqueness

Elliott introduces children to the various types of beans that grew in Farmer Bob's Bean Patch in this entertaining, illustrated children's book. Tough and Green Flat Bean, the old and wise Old White Bean, the delicate and tender Very Young Green Bean, and the Blemish-free Perfect Bean are just a few of the cool and…

Every Child Will Be Inspired to Pursue Their Dreams Through the Peculiar and Seemingly Elusive Dream of a Cow

Little children continue to be inspired by Elliott and her faith-based stories. In her new book, “Doctor Cow”,  we will follow the adventures of a young Holstein cow. She has never stopped dreaming, despite her clumsy hooves. This cow's ambition is to become a doctor, and she is doing it with the help of everyone…

Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Tina Turner And More Will Be Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The 2021 class of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees includes Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Tina Turner, and more.

‘I Failed Her’: Briana Makes A Sobering Teen Mom 2 Admission About Stella

Briana and Stella were let down once again by Luis on 'Teen Mom 2.'

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