It’s time to put the power in your hands.
We’re talking about car chargers.
Here’s what you need to know.
Most electric cars including this Volvo hybrid, come with a kind of standard plug on the one and it’s the plug.
We’re all familiar with.
[INAUDIBLE] on the other, a porch that goes into your car and gives it some juice.
This is called a level 1 charger and it’s gonna take a while to do anything.
It’ll add roughly 4 miles of range to your battery per hour.
So if you have a hybrid with a battery around 12 kilowatt hours range of 20 to 21 miles on battery alone It’s gonna take a few hours to charge.
If you have a fully electric vehicle so the battery has 80 to 100 kilowatt hours and a range of 200 miles.
It’s going to take days to fully charge.
Fortunately, you have another option.
Unfortunately it might cost you a pretty penny depending on what kind of outlet To have in your garage.
This is a level two charger, whereas a level one charger can plug into an ordinary 110 watt outlet.
This needs a special one but if you have that, or you can get it installed it’s going to charge your car much.
Much faster.
It’ll add 25 miles of range per hour as opposed to four.
So we’re talking exponentially faster.
It’s gonna charge your fully electric vehicle overnight and your hybrid Hybrid, it’s gonna finish charging that by the time you finish a particularly hefty sandwich.
Again, the big downside here is cost.
Your car is probably going to include a level one charger for free.
For the level two charger you’re likely gonna pay $500 to $1500, and that doesn’t include installation.
Still, if you’re gonna get an, Car we recommend just tearing off the band aid and investing and getting one of these chargers, it’s just gonna be so much more convenient in the long run.
Installation also might be easy.
Maybe, if you’re lucky enough to have plugs for your washer and dryer in your garage already, then you’re probably only gonna need to buy the.
Charger itself.
If you don’t have a washer dryer plug available you can have one installed or you can have the charger hardwired directly into your home’s wiring.
And here I’m gonna have pricing info to offer you because it’s gonna vary wildly based on your location and the setup in your home.
But you’re gonna need to pay an electrician to come out and do some work.
The other thing to look out for are features.
If you spend more on a level two charger you can get longer cables if your design blah, blah blah.
You can also get some smarts so you might be able to control your charger with an app and set it so that it’ll only work during certain times.
That’ll save you a lot of money if your electric company charges more for usage at peak hours.
One thing to note though is that some cars have an app that can do this, too.
So don’t pay extra for redundant charger smarts.
And there you go, that’s a quick overview of your power options.
If you’re getting an electric car or hybrid, find the right charger for you and get it installed and that power is yours, but you should share it with your car through a car charger.
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