She also says so much more.

You can read her words in their full context over at Medium.

Teigen and her husband John Legend are public figures covered often by CNN and other news organizations, in large part because the couple themselves enthusiastically share private moments from their life. It generates interest from both their well-wishers and critics.

The recent loss of their son — news of which was accompanied by emotional pictures — was one of the most private things they’ve ever shared with others. If not, the most private.
In Teigen’s essay, she explains why that felt important.
To excerpt portions of Teigen’s deeply personal and thoughtfully chosen language in describing her entire experience — especially when such care was apparently given to sharing her account in her own words as opposed to in an interview — would potentially be a disservice to this sensitive topic.

Women or people whose families have experienced similar loss might find it triggering. We found it hopeful and heroically human.

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