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There is more evidence suggesting the growth in coronavirus cases could be levelling off in England and Wales.

Data from three different analyses show new infections may be rising more slowly than in previous weeks – but it’s still too early to confirm.

It comes after a large, up-to-date study found growth in cases could be slowing down in England.

More restrictions have come into effect in parts of England and remain in place in some areas of Wales.

An Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey estimates there were 8,400 new cases per day in England in the week to 24 September – slightly down on the previous week’s estimate of 9,600 daily cases.

This would equate to around one in 500 people now having the virus.

“There is some limited evidence that the incidence rate may be levelling off, following steep increases during August and early September,” the ONS says.

Scientists behind the Covid Symptoms Study app said their data also suggests the number of new Covid cases in the UK has “flattened” in the last four days.

They estimate there were nearly 21,000 new cases per day on average over the two weeks up to 28 September, with numbers highest in the north of England and in people under 30.

These two analyses of the spread of the virus mirror the findings of the React Study which found that, although cases are still high, the growth of the virus may be slowing down.

It said this could be due to measures like the “rule of six” being introduced.

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