Sunday, May 22, 2022

Defence evaluation: Army ‘to be reduced by 10,000 troops’

The dimension of the Army is to be reduced to 72,500 troopers by 2025 as a part of a transfer in the direction of drones and cyber warfare.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace mentioned “increased deployability and technological advantage” meant larger impact might be delivered by fewer individuals.

The evaluation marked a shift from “mass mobilisation to information age speed”, he mentioned.

Labour mentioned the evaluation would “repeat” the identical errors of the previous.

The Army at present has 76,500 personnel and has not been at its “established strength” of 82,000 troops for the reason that center of the final decade, Mr Wallace mentioned.

“These changes will not require redundancies and we wish to build on the work already done on utilising our reserves to make sure the whole force is better integrated and more productive,” he mentioned.

Shadow defence secretary John Healey warned that the whereas “threats to Britain are increasing” the plan is for “fewer troops, fewer ships, fewer planes, over the next few years”.

Mr Wallace mentioned earlier opinions had been “overambitious and underfunded leaving forces that were overstretched and underequipped”.

“In the past, we have been too tempted to fund equipment at the expense of our service personnel’s lived experience. That is why over the next four years we will spend £1.5bn on improving single living accommodation and £1.4bn on wrap around childcare over the next decade.”

As a part of the navy restructure, the Royal Marines will be reworked into a brand new Future Commando Force, taking up most of the conventional duties of the particular forces – the SAS and SBS.

The power will obtain greater than £200m of direct funding over the subsequent decade to hold out maritime safety operations and to “pre-empt and deter sub-threshold activity, and counter state threats”.

Following the publication final week of the separate so-called built-in evaluation of international and defence coverage, ministers have mentioned large modifications are essential to create a extra agile navy.

As a part of that evaluation, the federal government elevated the cap on UK nuclear warheads from 180 to 260.

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