At six ft and 6 inches tall, he towers over nearly everyone and simply in case you do not fairly spot him the primary time, he is normally decked from head to toe in a vibrant, loud tartan swimsuit. With a broad, beaming smile to finish the ensemble, Weir is simply unattainable to disregard.

The Scottish broadcaster Jill Douglas has identified him for many of her life, “He is one of the most positive individuals I’ve ever encountered and always has been,” she informed CNN. “He has an absolute joy of life. He loves a party. He loves people. He’s a very sociable character. He’s funny, but very driven.”

As a rugby participant for Scotland, Weir wore the quantity 5 jersey of the lock place and was simply identifiable by his shock of blonde hair framed by a headband to guard his ears. He was as soon as described by the legendary commentator Bill McLaren as ‘a mad giraffe.’ Weir performed 61 instances for his nation, that includes additionally within the profitable British and Irish Lions’ tour of South Africa in 1997.

He was a farmer from Borders nation, whose athletic prowess took him everywhere in the world.

Life is for residing, Weir informed CNN: “Life has to be a bit of laughter and a bit of a smile, because you’re only here once and you’ve got to enjoy yourself.”

Doddie Weir laughs ahead of the Six Nations game between Scotland and France in 2020.


Everything modified for him although, in 2016, when Weir was recognized with the neurodegenerative dysfunction motor neurone illness (MND). He first seen a downside when he caught his hand in a door, and when it nonetheless hadn’t healed a number of months later, he sought out a medical analysis. The analysis was devastating.

His medical doctors informed him bluntly that his life expectancy won’t prolong a lot previous 18 months and that he’d be in a wheelchair inside a yr.

Speaking from his house close to Edinburgh on a distant video hyperlink, Weir summarized the brutal info of life with MND. “It’s pretty horrific when you get the diagnosis. It’s basically a muscle-wasting disease. You can’t eat, you can’t bathe, you can’t go to the shower, the toilet, dress. You eventually can’t speak, you can’t swallow, you can’t breathe.”

As he recounts all of the horrors of a illness that he is endured, he a minimum of can replicate on one thing constructive: he is nonetheless right here. And his jovial nature prevents him from lingering within the darkness for lengthy; one way or the other he is capable of elevate a snort when concluding, “[So] it’s not the best news that you can get!”

Jill Douglas has identified Weir since they had been youngsters; they met by way of their love of horses.

“He is a very fine equestrian, would you believe,” notes Douglas. “On a very large horse, obviously!”

She stated she was “in pieces” when her long-time buddy shared the information.

“It’s the worst diagnosis. If you talk to people in the medical profession, it’s a diagnosis they never want to share with the patient because there is no treatment, there is no cure. And it’s a horrible way to live the end of your life,” she provides.

As he started the painful technique of telling the world and determining how it might influence his household life with three teenage sons, his pals requested how they might assist. The outcome was the ‘My title’5 Doddie’ basis which in simply three years has raised over eight million {dollars} to fund the seek for a treatment and one other million to instantly assist sufferers with MND.

Weir has become known for his colourful tartan suits.

Foundation work

Douglas now serves because the CEO of the muse and admits that they confronted a steep studying curve initially however are seeing progress now.

“We have a one in 300 chance of being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in our lifetimes,” says Douglas. “That’s the harsh reality of it.

“[But] I feel there’s a sense that we’re on the cusp of one thing actually superb, and we actually hope that this momentum will proceed.”

Weir says that the foundation has given him a purpose to carry on.

“It’s given me a large increase and I’ve been very humbled; the generosity has been overwhelming,” he says.

He’s also motivating the experts to work faster, because — from his perspective — there’s really no time to lose.

“I’m asking a few of the professors fairly fascinating questions,” he says.

When told it might take five years to find a cure, his response has been, “Why not one yr? What do you should do one yr? Maybe they don’t seem to be used to that, however they’re developing with some nice concepts.”

Weir turned 50 last year and he’s no longer trying to ruck and maul or dominate at the lineout, but he approaches his new life as if it’s still a game.

“Every day for the final 4 years was like a recreation of rugby. Sport has taught me do not ever surrender,” he says.

“Be mentally constructive every single day. I’ve a combat in opposition to MND; that little combat may be coming down the steps, it may be ingesting a cup of tea, it may be getting off my chair.

Weir, here playing for Scotland in 1995, is determined to fight MND.

Doddie Weir Cup

In the face of such a debilitating situation and seemingly unattainable odds, Weir’s angle has been relentlessly and infectiously constructive.

His current “Doddie Aid” marketing campaign captured the creativeness of the Hollywood star Ewan McGregor and the Olympic biking champion Chris Hoy — each fellow Scots — in addition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Weir’s tireless work has been acknowledged with quite a few private accolades, all of which he finds fairly awkward.

“I feel very guilty about all the awards,” he admits. “This is a team effort. It’s quite a difficult thing to accept. I find it easier to help people than to be helped. After four years, I’m beginning to accept the amount of love that’s out there, so I’d just like to thank everyone.”

His legacy has additionally been cemented with a trophy, the Doddie Weir Cup, which is up for grabs each time that Scotland play Wales on the rugby area.

“It’s a magnificent trophy,” says Douglas. “It has the Doddie tartan around the top. It’s got these great big handles which we think represent his enormous ears, and it’s tall and thin – like he is!”

When Scotland gained the trophy final October, the workforce’s coach Gregor Townsend — a former teammate of Weir’s — introduced it spherical to the home, so the household might spend a while with it.

“To get a big cup named after you, while you’re still living, is quite unbelievable, so I’ve been very humbled, very honored,” Weir explains.

Weir has always been known for his positive outlook on life.

CNN spoke to Doddie Weir simply a few days after Scotland had overwhelmed the Six Nations champions England at their house stadium of Twickenham, the primary time that Scotland had gained there in 38 years. Weir was nonetheless basking within the glow of victory and he says it evokes him to maintain going.

“Scotland has maybe 10 to 15 thousand rugby players and two professional teams,” he stated.

“England has 12 professional teams and I think 250,000 people playing rugby. The underdog is always the Scots. At the weekend, David beat Goliath and what a great occasion it was. I plan to do the same with MND.

“No one has survived MND. But someone has to win sooner or later, and I actually hope it’ll be me and plenty of others who’re becoming a member of my combat.”

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