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Don’t lose your COVID-19 vaccine card — you’ll need it in these situations

COVID-19 vaccination card and face mask on table

Your vaccine card is vital proof of vaccination that you’ll wish to maintain protected and carry while you journey.

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For probably the most up-to-date information and details about the coronavirus pandemic, go to the WHO web site.

Getting vaccinated is a crucial milestone in defending your self and others from COVID-19 and eventually ending the pandemic. When you get vaccinated, you’ll obtain a COVID-19 vaccine card that exhibits the date you have been vaccinated, in addition to which vaccine you acquired. Authorities and leaders are nonetheless debating over whether or not a digital vaccine passport is a good suggestion or not — so for now, the card is one of the best proof to point out proof of vaccination.

Once you get a vaccine card, you’ll need to maintain it in a protected place for when you’ll doubtless need it — whether or not you might be touring or need your free Krispy Kreme donut. Keep studying under to seek out out extra about what to do with your vaccination card, what to do in the event you lose it and in the event you ought to laminate it.

What you need to learn about your vaccine card

Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card exhibits proof of your vaccination: your title, date of beginning, which vaccine you acquired and while you have been vaccinated. The card is presently the primary proof of vaccination — though some states like New York are developing digital vaccine passports, and cruise strains and airways might require them in the long run. For now, the vaccine card is a very powerful proof of vaccination, and you need to maintain it in a protected place and take it with you while you journey.

“The vaccine card is important because we don’t quite know what the future of travel and socializing publicly, with or without masks, looks like,” says Dr. Vivek Cherian, a Baltimore-based inner drugs doctor.

“Always have a copy of your card on hand (particularly when you travel) because you never know when you may be asked to provide proof of vaccination. Keeping it easily accessible in your carry-on, purse or computer bag is best,” says Cherian.

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What to do in the event you lose your vaccination card

If one thing occurs to your vaccine card otherwise you lose it, you need to first contact the positioning the place you have been vaccinated and ask for a alternative. Wherever you have been vaccinated — even when it’s a pharmacy or drive-thru vaccination web site — may have your information on file. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends reaching out to your state’s immunization info system in the event you’re having hassle getting a alternative card.

“The most streamlined course of action is to contact the clinic/location where you received your vaccine, and request a duplicate record. A few of my colleagues have already done this and had no issues,” says Cherian.

Should you get your vaccination card laminated? 

Right now, there is no stable reply about whether or not you need to laminate your vaccine card. Some say that laminating it is not a good suggestion since you will not be capable of add one other vaccine dose to the card — and vaccine booster photographs are doubtless. Others say that laminating your card is OK if you’re nervous about it getting broken or dirty. Staples and Office Depot are providing free vaccine card lamination for many who need it.

Cherian doesn’t suggest laminating vaccine playing cards for a number of causes. “Lamination of your vaccine card can smudge the ink; that can make your card difficult to read,” he says. 

“If you’ve received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, you will need a second dose that needs to be updated on your card,” he continued. “Also, there’s a possibility that in the future we may need booster shots, which would also need to be updated on the vaccine card.”

What to do with your vaccine card

Once you obtain your vaccine card, take a photograph of it on your telephone in case you misplace it. Then be sure to maintain it in a protected place. Take be aware of the place and while you may need to point out proof of vaccination (see under) and convey your card when it’s required. 

“I encourage all my patients and family members to make a few copies of their vaccine card (front and back). Keep the copies in a safe location,” says Cherian. He additionally advises towards posting a photograph of your card on social media because the private info on the card might make you weak to identification theft.

Man holding vaccine card and passport

You could also be required to point out proof of vaccination while you journey, particularly internationally.

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Will you be required to point out your vaccine card to anybody? 

As of proper now, the almost certainly situations that you just’d need to point out your vaccine card is for journey (particularly worldwide) and to attend massive gatherings, like concert events and sporting occasions.

“For international travel it’s important to inquire whether your vaccine card will be needed for each leg of your journey,” says Cherian. As of now, some cruise strains have stated they are going to require vaccination proof, and airways might quickly be part of. When you journey, you need to at all times verify with your particular airline and vacation spot since necessities might differ based mostly on the place you might be touring and the way. 

“Currently there are no federal or state requirements/circumstances where people need to show their vaccine card. As the economy continues to reopen, it’s certainly possible (even likely) some employers may require that their employees show proof of vaccination before returning to or starting a new job,” says Cherian.

The info contained in this text is for academic and informational functions solely and isn’t meant as well being or medical recommendation. Always seek the advice of a doctor or different certified well being supplier concerning any questions you might have a few medical situation or well being targets.

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