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Last week, Square Enix introduced Final Fantasy 7 Remake to the PlayStation 5 and with it, launched the EPISODE INTERmission DLC starring Yuffie Kisaragi. It’s completely price taking part in in case you loved final 12 months’s Remake, because it combines satisfying fight with a storyline that reminds the participant why Yuffie is a fan-favorite from the unique. And man, it appears to be like good

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, has stated the sport’s sequel will start the place EPISODE INTERmission (henceforth known as “Yuffie’s DLC,” for everybody’s sake) finishes. That’s nice information — however in case you’ve performed Yuffie’s DLC and have seen its ending, it’s possible you’ll be at a loss as to what its ending even means. So let’s break it down.

It ought to go with out saying, however: spoilers beneath. 

Deepground, the deep reduce

There are two components of Yuffie’s DLC to interrupt down. The last stretch of the sport, through which you are launched to a brand new gang of dangerous guys, and the post-game scenes, which leads into Final Fantasy Remake Part 2. 

First, the dangerous guys: Deepground. Deepground is a secret department of SOLIDER (which is the navy wing of Shinra), one which was really launched within the 2006 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 sport that starred Vincent Valentine. Leading Deepground are elite warriors referred to as Tsviets — and main the Tsviets is Weiss. 


Weiss, head of Deepground and baddie from Dirge of Cerberus, being experimented on in Yuffie’s DLC. 

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We see Weiss being experimented on in Yuffie’s DLC in Shinra’s basement ranges. He appears not fussed in any respect with the “idiots” at Shinra attempting to clone him, and summons his youthful brother, Nero, to go “hunt.” That’s clearly dangerous information for Yuffie and Sonon, who face Nero as the ultimate boss within the DLC. After a tricky battle, you almost escape — earlier than Nero emerges from the darkness. stabs Sonon and retrives his physique. Yuffie escapes, however Sonon is a goner — and can most likely return in Part 2 as a Deepground experiment. 

What’s essential about all that is that Dirge of Cerberus — the place Deepground, Weiss, Nero and the remainder of the Tsiviets had been launched — occurred after the occasions of the unique sport. That the group is being launched right here clearly means they will be part of Remake Part 2, which implies you possibly can anticipate vital adjustments to the story beats.  

After Sonon’s “death,” Yuffie escapes in time to see Sector 7 explode and crumble onto the slums beneath.


Nero, Weiss’ brother, is the ultimate boss of Yuffie’s DLC. Both Weiss and Nero being launched right here has large story implications for Remake’s subsequent half.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy tries alternate actuality

The post-game scenes take us again to Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Yuffie and Red XIII. They have some banter about lengthy walks and the way Midgar is a trash metropolis, then they hitchhike to the close by city of Kalm. (Being picked up by Chocobo Bill, who followers will keep in mind from the unique sport.) This is all superb and dandy, however then we see one thing extra attention-grabbing.

Zack Fair is outdoors Aerith’s church, training some “Hey, it’s been a while!” traces. After psyching himself up, he barges by means of the doorways to announce his return, solely to discover a church filled with Midgar residents, most likely taking refuge from the Sector 7 explosion. 


Zack attempting, unsuccessfully, to play it cool.

Square Enix

Some fast reminders.

At the top of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is revealed that there are a number of timelines: The story we noticed within the authentic sport is one timeline, and Remake one other. At Remake’s finish, you destroy the Whisper Harbinger. The Whispers had been making certain every timeline flows in the identical manner — or, in different phrases, making certain the storyline of Remake adopted the unique’s. Now that you just killed off the Whisper Harbinger, there’s nothing stopping the story from straying from the unique’s. (This will most likely be essential for the Deepground plot, too.)

Second, Zack Fair was Cloud’s mentor and the protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, a prequel to the unique. A 1st Class Soldier, he dies on the finish of Crisis Core, simply earlier than the occasions of Final Fantasy 7, as he is gunned down by dozens and dozens of Shinra’s infantry. (That’s an entire separate story, properly price experiencing in Crisis Core when you’ve got a PSP useful.) In Crisis Core we see that Zack had a romance with Aerith, which is why he is anxious to go to her on the Church.

Now, this is the essential half. This new scene that includes Zack Fair reveals that he is alive and properly, which is a large change for the Final Fantasy 7 story. But what’s nonetheless not clear is which actuality he is alive in. At the top of Remake, as Zack recovers from the assault that within the different actuality left him lifeless, we see a chip packet with Shinra’s Stamp mascot on it — however (*7*)it is conspicuously totally different from the Stamp mascot we noticed in Remake, implying a special timeline. An eagle-eyed fan on Reddit has identified that the church Zack enters on the finish of Yuffie’s DLC is totally different — much less dilapidated — than the one we see in Remake

So Zack is certainly again, however we nonetheless do not know what timeline he is in. 

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