Pinnacle of historic Balgopaleshwor temple located at the centre of Rani Pokhari was successfully installed today, marking completion of the reconstruction of the cultural heritage, which was destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes.

Concerned government authorities, priests and locals installed the 123 kilogram gold coated pinnacle. Raju Man Manandhar, an expert hired by the National Reconstruction Authority, said that with pinnacle installed atop the temple, reconstruction works of the temple and the pond were now completed. “We just need to work on security issues and install some colourful lights before we go for the formal inauguration of the temple.”

Formal inauguration is likely to take place after a couple of weeks due to Malamas or the occurrence of an additional month in the lunar calendar, which is considered impure for special religious activities, according to Manandhar. “The temple will be open for the general public this Tihar.”

Before the 2015 earthquake, Balgopaleshwor temple was opened for public once in a year during the day of Bhai Tika during Tihar, where people without brothers or sisters offered their prayers.

Idols of deities were placed inside the temple a few months ago. The temple was in the Gumbaz style before the 2015 earthquake. But, after the demand of local activists and cultural conservationists the government agreed to reconstruct the temple in Granthakut style. Archaeologists had concluded that the temple was built by King Pratap Malla in 1760 in Granthakut style. The original style, however, was remodelled into Gumbaz style after it was destroyed by the 1937 earthquake.

Reconstruction of Rani Pokhari underwent various obstacles in the past five years.

The 163 metres by 126 metres emptied pond was recently replenished up to a height of 5.2 feet.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on October 2, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.

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