Transformers: Heavy Metal is an AR cellphone game constructed off Pokemon Go maker Niantic’s instruments.


Pokemon Go, however for Transformers. That’s the finest solution to describe what Hasbro, Tomy and Niantic’s upcoming game, Transformers: Heavy Metal, appears to be like like. It will not be the final multiplayer Pokemon Go-like game, both.


What a battle ought to look like.


Niantic’s multiplayer and world-spanning AR app platform, Lightship, was introduced earlier this 12 months with plans to allow all kinds of social AR experiences on telephones. Hasbro and Tomy’s game is the first introduced model partnership on the platform.

According to the press launch from Niantic, “players will join the Guardian Network, a group of humans who have banded together with the Autobots in a war against the Decepticons. As a Guardian, players will uncover hidden regions across Earth to find resources and battle Decepticons in turn-based battles, either solo or with friends.”

The few early photos look like they will contain discovering and scanning places and confronting Transformers in AR, a lot like Pokemon Go.

The game is being developed by Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship, with Tomy main the game’s launch in Japan. According to Niantic, the game will launch later this 12 months, nevertheless it’ll comfortable launch in a beta in sure areas quickly.

Niantic already has a new Pikmin-based Nintendo cellular game in improvement and anticipated quickly, too. 

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