Heterogeneity of meningeal B cells reveals a lymphopoietic niche at the CNS borders

The meninges include adaptive immune cells that present immunosurveillance of the central nervous system (CNS). These cells are thought to derive from the systemic circulation. Through single-cell analyses, confocal imaging, bone marrow chimeras, and parabiosis experiments, we present that meningeal B cells derive regionally from the calvaria, which harbors a bone marrow niche for hematopoiesis. B cells attain the meninges from the calvaria via specialised vascular connections. This calvarial–meningeal path of B cell improvement could present the CNS with a fixed provide of B cells educated by CNS antigens. Conversely, we present that a subset of antigen-experienced B cells that populate the meninges in ageing mice are blood-borne. These outcomes determine a non-public supply for meningeal B cells, which can assist preserve immune privilege inside the CNS.
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