KATHMANDU: India’s Congress President Sonia Gandhi, whose party is part of the Shiv Sena-led coalition government in Maharashtra, has become the latest target of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.

The actress took to Twitter to accuse the leader for her silence and indifference.

Ranaut tweeted: “You have grown up in the west and lived here in India. You may be aware of the struggles of women. History will judge your silence and indifference when your own Government is harassing women and ensuring a total mockery of law and order. I hope you will intervene @INCIndia”

In another tweet, she wrote: “Dear respected honourable @INCIndia president Sonia Gandhi ji being a woman arn’t you anguished by the treatment I am given by your government in Maharashtra? Can you not request your Government to uphold the principles of the Constitution given to us by Dr. Ambedkar?”

Ranaut also invoked the example of late Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray.

“Great Bala Saheb Thakeray one of my most favourite icons, his biggest fear was some day Shiv Sena will do Gutbandhan and become congress @INCIndia I want to know what is his conscious feeling today looking at the condition of his party?”

Kangana Ranaut’s tweet: https://bit.ly/3kbYzw1



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