KATHMANDU: The People’s Republic of China has built at least nine buildings on the Nepali land near Nepal-China border in Humla district of Karnali province in Nepal.

As per reports, the buildings have been built at a distance of around two kilometres from the border in Lapcha Limi area of Namkha Rural Municipality in the district.

Member of the House of Representatives Rangamati Shahi of Nepali Congress, who was elected from Humla, told THT Online she was informed by the Namkha RM chairperson that China has now claimed that the buildings have been constructed on its own land.

Shahi added that she was informed by locals that the place where China has built the buildings used to be a shed where they used to keep cattle while grazing the herds in the remote area. The MP stressed the need for Government of Nepal to conduct a survey and study whether the land belongs to Nepal since the Nepal-China border pillar no. 11 has gone missing.

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It has been learnt that China has been building roads in the area for several years. The area borders the Tibet Autonomous Region which offers view of Kailash Mansarovar.

About ten years ago, China had built a building — supposedly a veterinary centre — in Lapcha-Limi area, Nepal had objected which, then.

“The main opposition party will pressurise the government to conduct survey on whether the country’s land has been encroached by the northern neighbour,” the NC lawmaker added.

Humla’s Chief District Officer (CDO) Chiranjibi Giri delivered the report this afternoon at the district headquarters Simikot today.

Compiled by Suresh Chaudhary

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