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Nintendo Switch sales hit 735,000 last month


Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

Nintendo Switch sales aren’t slowing down. The Japanese company sold more than 735,000 Switch and Switch Lite units in the US in October, it revealed on Thursday, as previously reported by Nintendo Life. The hybrid console already beat the NES’ lifetime sales earlier this year.

The Switch’s October 2020 sales are the “second-highest October sales of any video game console in history” in the US. The Wii remains on top, with sales of 800,000 units in October 2008.

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“Seeing encouraging sales growth like this in the fourth October of Nintendo Switch proves to us that the system has many more years and great games yet to come,”  Nintendo of America boss Doug Bowser said in a statement accompanying the sales figures.

In total, the Switch has sold 68.30 million units, making it Nintendo’s second most successful console. The Wii still holds the crown, with 101.63 million units sold.

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