KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called for ensuring a literate future by making ‘Literate Nepal Campaign’ a success.

In a message today, on the occasion of the 54th International Literacy Day, the PM said that the government has implemented compulsory and free education up to the basic level and free education up to the secondary level to every citizen as per the constitutional right ensured in the Constitution of Nepal.

PM Oli also stated that ensuring lifelong opportunity for learning about the life skills education to those who have already crossed the school-going age is also in the government’s priority. For this to materialise, literacy and post-literacy, as well as self-study programmes, have been introduced, the PM added in his message of the best wishes.

The message reads, “Role of local levels is very significant in running literacy programme. It is possible to take such programme in every settlement through the mobilisation of community study centre.” “The government has set a target to provide the opportunity of basic literacy to all Nepalis up to 15 years as well as above 15 years to prepare basis of lifelong learning and we have approved the concept paper-2076 of Literate Nepal for the same”, the PM mentioned in his message.

PM Oli stressed the need for a further active role of the bodies concerned, organisations and stakeholders to bring effectiveness, clarity and uniformity in its successful implementation. “We have been heading the country towards a developing country from the less developed one, prosperity from poverty and fully literate from semi-literate. The national goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ will be fulfilled through this,” PM Oli stated.

So far, 53 out of 77 districts in the country have been declared fully literate ones. The government is focused on declaring literate Nepal by running the literacy campaign in other districts too.


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