Lalitpur, September 04

Kshama Pooja (atonement rituals) of the Karunamaya Rato Machhindranath was held today to supplicate forgiveness as the ages-long Jatra rituals could not be conducted this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This Pooja seeks forbearance and forgiveness for showing undutifulness in performing the ritual as meant to be and promises the ritual to be performed next year with more reverence.

On Thursday, Lalitpur witnessed unrest as locals and police clashed as the former looked to start the Bunga Dyah procession amid administration imposed prohibitory order which bars people from gathering at public places or attending events.

Pictures by Skanda Gautam for The Himalayan Times.

Priests perform Kshyama Pooja, asking the Lord for forgiveness in front of the chariot of Deity Rato Machhendranath during a curfew imposed by the government in Lalitpur on Friday. Photo: Skanda Gautam/THT

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