We’re not talking about a bird or a plane we’re talking about a security camera that flies through your home from ring and we are going over everything we know about the ring always home cam right now.
Okay first let’s set the scene a little bit.
Amazon held a big event on Thursday in which they rolled out a whole new lineup of products.
We were expecting ring to be there.
Amazon owns ring and we had her tell That ring was gonna be debuting and indoor security camera that was gonna be able to view your home from multiple view points.
Sounds intriguing right?
And maybe it was a pan tilt camera or a camera with multiple lenses.
We were surprised this is a home security camera drone.
That it will literally fly through your home.
It’s going to integrate with the ring alarm security system.
So if ring detects something some motion, when you’re in a way mode, the cam will be able to take off and fly one of its preset ads.
To check what’s going on, while you’re setting it up, you draw out preset paths for it to follow.
So the idea is if you’re worried about maybe having left your window open or your stove on your one security camera that you have in the living room can take off.
Fly into the kitchen double check that the stove is off and give you that extra peace of mind with your flying security camera.
So this device is obviously crazy some of the basics, it’s coming out in mid 2021 it’s going to cost 250 bucks, which is It’s pretty reasonable.
Lots of indoor security cameras are $200 on their own.
This is security camera plus flying drone.
They’re trying to keep privacy in mind, because when the camera is not in use or recording something Gonna rest in the base and the cam is actually on the bottom part so under where the propellers are, and that’s gonna sit in the base and completely be covered.
So when it’s not flying through your home, it’s not gonna be recording anything.
In addition to being covered when it’s not in use, the ring always home is going to emit a consistent hum when it is flying through your home.
Now ring selling this as a privacy point so it will sneak up on you.
You and maybe that’s true.
And maybe it’s also that they couldn’t get it any quieter than what they could do.
And it’ll be interesting to find out how quiet that actually is because a loud drone flying through your home might detract from any kind of atmosphere you’re trying to build.
That said, that atmosphere might be kind of dystopian when you have a security camera flying through your home.
So I’m excited about this product.
It’s cool.
It’s innovative.
It’s a different direction for security cameras, for sure.
I’m also worried about it because this does feel like a Hitchcock scene from North by Northwest, you know where you’re going to be chased down by your own rogue security camera.
But assuming the robots don’t turn against us, and this cam is supposed to have obstacle avoidance, and the propellers are gonna be enclosed, so they’re taking safety into account.
This could be pretty darn useful device.
So I’m excited.
I’m a little scared.
It’s a utopian product that can do everything.
It’s dystopian robot overlords.
It’s a little all of the above, but we’re definitely gonna be testing it out so stay tuned for more.
You will get your more info when we have it including a full review when it launches next year.
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Sorry, can you need like five more minutes?
Yep, somewhere out there.

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