Schools, which were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic from March, have come into operation at Bhojpur Municipal areas in Bhojpur from today.

The schools have resumed adoping all the safety measures. Teaching-learning activities have been brought into operation maintaining health safety measures and social and physical distancing.

Bhojpur Municipality Chief Administrative Officer Ram Prasad Dhungel said the decision was taken as per the discussion among community and private schools on reopening schools that had been closed for months from today onwards by adopting all the safety measures.

A local teacher at Bidhodaya Secondary School Khem Raj Dhamala said that schools had prepared to resume physical classes by adopting safety measures.

He added that classes had started from today.

Dhamala said that the schools had reopened as per the decision of the municipality.

“Teaching-learning activities have been badly affected due to the prolonged closure of schools due to the pandemic,” he said.

The schools said that the concerned institutions were aware of the need to takesafety measures while carrying out the daily activities.

Almost all schools in the districts have started their activities as per the decision of the respective local levels.

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