Coronavirus survivors here have shared their plight that social stigma was more painful than coronavirus itself.

Not only virus survivors, but also their family members and close relatives have been socially stigmatised, said a coronavirus survivor of Ghodaghodi Municipality of Kailali district.

He said, “Though we got victory over coronavirus, we have been defeated in society. It is as if the community has problems with us.”

Similarly, another coronavirus survivor of Ghodaghodi Municipality said that his neighbour was deprived of work under the Prime Minister Agriculture Employment Programme, because the friend had visited his home. “He is disheartened as society looks down upon him though his condition is normal.”

Another coronavirus survivor of Ghodaghodi Municipality further said though he had completely recovered from the disease, neighbours still hesitated to come close to him.

Likewise, another coronavirus survivor of Ghodaghodi Municipality, Ramesh Pandey, complained, “Our village and community people do not support us. Now, what can we expect from others? I think Nepali culture of support and tolerance is diminishing. It is a painful case indeed. The pandemic has raised many questions regarding social harmony and humanity.”

These are some examples how social stigma has caused much suffering among coronavirus survivors.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on September 14, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.

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