‘The View’: Meghan McCain Blames Kamala Harris for Vaccine Hesitancy

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the co-hosts mentioned the White House’s vaccination push and unsurprisingly, Meghan McCain made waves by implying that Vice President Kamala Harris was contributing to the hesitancy surrounding the thought of getting vaccinated.
McCain confirmed a clip of Harris being interviewed on CNN again in 2020, the place the vice chairman mentioned that if there was a vaccine out there earlier than the election, she wouldn’t belief it as a result of reality it had been created and promoted underneath the administration of Donald Trump.
“She’s expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Trump administration,” McCain mentioned. “A lot of Republicans I know are expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Biden administration. Which is why this has been so dangerous that this has become so politicized. Both sides are equally responsible for this. But the media really lauded her at the time when she said that she didn’t get nearly enough pushback.”
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McCain went on to level out that “Republicans are contrarian by nature, we are built from my very fabric up to question authority and question big government. And when big government is saying you have to do X, Y and Z, we’re going to question it. I’m going to question it.”
Despite the truth that McCain did say she trusted docs and would fortunately get a vaccine on air if it was doable, she additionally doubled down on her complaints in regards to the messaging of the rollout. Blaming the problems largely (and unapologetically) on Dr. Fauci, she emphasised feedback and pondering that she’s beforehand come underneath hearth for.
“I know I’m going to get eviscerated for saying this,” McCain mentioned. “But I don’t 100% trust him, I don’t think that he is an unbiased actor in any of this and he is a government official — I’m one of those people who feel that way about him.”
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