PARBAT: A child was buried in a landslide that occurred at Sishurwa in Mudikuwa are of Phalebas Municipality-4 in Parbat district.

Nikita, the three-year-old daughter of Nabin BK was killed when their house was buried in the landslide debris early this morning.

Her body was recovered by locals at around 7:00 am while other members of the family managed to escape as the landslide started, according to Phalebas-based police post. She was also being carried away by her father but was hit by a stone and fell off to go missing.

Two buffaloes and two cows owned by the BK family also perished in the incident. An ox died when the cowshed of local Ram Prasad Tiwari was hit by the landslide.

The landslide has also damaged about 100 ropanis of paddy field, said ward chair Tikaram Gaudel.

Meanwhile, the landslide has obstructed the Parbat section of the Mid-hill Highway. The landslide debris in Sahasradhara of Kushma Municipality-1 and in Chuwa of Kushma-8 has obstructed traffic along the highway, Parbat police spokesperson Police Inspector Buddhi Prasad Subedi said.

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