(CNN) — Nicole Hidalgo had been trying ahead to the wedding for months.

It was spring 2016 and she or he’d traveled from her house in New York to the historic metropolis of Seville, Spain, to attend the nuptials of her good good friend Jose Blaya.

Blaya and Hidalgo had met six years beforehand when Blaya had moved from Spain to Hidalgo’s New York condo. The roommates grew to become quick buddies, exploring the metropolis collectively, hanging out at Manhattan rooftop bars and instructing each other their respective languages.

“It turned out to be a great friendship,” says Hidalgo, the kind the place “you kind of feel like you’re related to them right away.”

When Blaya left New York, the two buddies stayed in contact.

Now, he was getting ready to get married and Hidalgo was delighted to be a part of his celebrations, bringing alongside her good friend Abe Wood as a plus one.

The two Americans flew into Madrid, spending a number of days sightseeing earlier than heading all the way down to Seville. They had been excited to meet up with Blaya and his wife-to-be, María, however they weren’t as a consequence of see any of their mutual buddies till the huge day.

The morning of the wedding, Hidalgo perfected her hair and make-up. Dressed to impress, she and Wood determined to get a cab to the church — they figured it was the best possibility.

“We didn’t know where we were going, and we didn’t want to be late.”

They gave the cab driver the handle — a church in Seville’s Triana neighborhood. When the driver pulled up exterior their vacation spot, different friends had been already arriving, a riot of colourful hats, good fits and smiles.

“We were there early, and just by my nature, I talk to everybody,” says Hidalgo. “So I introduced myself to a lot of people, I took pictures.”

Hidalgo snapped pictures of bridesmaids sporting flowing pink robes, the glamorous mother-of-the-groom and the ornate inside of the church. She even requested some friends in the event that they’d pose for an image together with her.

Hidalgo is Mexican-American, and she or he was eager to make the most of the alternative to talk Spanish.

She requested one fellow visitor in the event that they had been there for Jose or María. The girl checked out her, blankly, and finally replied that she was “there for the bride.”

I guess she did not perceive me, thought Hidalgo, and shrugged it off.


Nicole Hidalgo together with her plus one, Abe Wood, at the wrong wedding.

Courtesy Nicole Hidalgo

With the ceremony about to begin, Hidalgo and Wood, her plus one, nabbed a seat close to the entrance. The two buddies posed for a selfie, and Hidalgo glanced round the congregation, in search of acquainted faces.

For the first time, she correctly took in that she did not acknowledge anybody else current. She and Blaya had mutual buddies, however she could not spot any of them.

And whereas Hidalgo had by no means met Blaya’s relations, she’d seen numerous photographs. They undoubtedly weren’t there.

“For sure they would be here now, because the wedding’s about to start,” she thought.

Hidalgo felt a sinking feeling in her abdomen.

She checked out Abe, who’d picked up on her discomfort. “I’m not sure what we should do,” she whispered. “I have a weird feeling about this.”

Turning round in her seat to see if she acknowledged anybody behind her, Hidalgo squinted thorough the open church door, in search of the quantity on the constructing throughout the road.

It was numbered someplace in the 50s. That made no sense. Blaya’s wedding was going down at quantity 79.

It was the wrong church.

Her coronary heart sank.

“We’re at the wrong wedding,” she mentioned to Wood, barely believing her personal phrases. He checked out her in disbelief.

Dash to the church

Unspoken between the two buddies was the similar thought: the ceremony was about to begin. They wanted to go away ASAP and hope they’d time to seek out Blaya’s wedding and make it there earlier than the ceremony started.

They stood up of their seats.

“I felt like we were the loud Americans. We try to get out of the church discreetly.”

Doing their finest to disregard the heads turning of their wake, they made it exterior. There, they found out that the proper church — the place Blaya’s wedding was starting any minute — should be additional down the road.

Nicole Hidalgo almost attended the wrong wedding in Seville, Spain, pictured here.

Nicole Hidalgo nearly attended the wrong wedding in Seville, Spain, pictured right here.

ODD ANDERSEN/AFP through Getty Images

They began operating.

It was April, however Seville, recognized for its sizzling climate, was already humid and sticky. Hidalgo felt her hair begin to tangle and her make-up start to run.

At final, they noticed one other church. Outside, they acknowledged a few individuals smoking on the doorstep: mutual buddies.

“We saw them standing outside and just a wave of relief washed over me. I can’t imagine if we flew all that way and then missed the wedding,” says Hidalgo.

These wedding friends greeted the raveled pair, who breathlessly defined what had happened.

Heading inside, Hidalgo and Abe discovered seats simply in time to see the ceremony.

Memorable moments

Jose-wedding (3)

Nicole Hidalgo has many fond recollections of Jose and María’s wedding.

Courtesy Jose Blaya

It was a phenomenal wedding, says Hidalgo. On a day stuffed with memorable moments — not all of them for the proper causes — considered one of her favourite recollections is the newlyweds’ arrival at the reception: they danced collectively, a conventional Spanish flamenco.

“It was just so beautiful, and that’s one of my favorite memories. I’m just so glad I got to see that,” says Hidalgo.

The couple had additionally put in a signpost with arrows pointing in the course of the totally different areas their friends had flown in from — from the United States and the UK, to cities throughout Spain.

“I saw New York City and, again, I was like, ‘Oh I’m so glad I made it,'” recollects Hidalgo.

Hidalgo stresses that almost lacking a detailed good friend’s wedding was very out of character. She’s a mission supervisor who prides herself on being detailed oriented and planning forward.

But attending a wedding overseas, she figured simply hopping in a cab was finest.

Meanwhile Blaya, busy getting married, had no thought what had happened.

“I wanted her to be present on one of the most important days of my life,” he tells CNN Travel. “To be honest, I didn’t know that she almost missed the best wedding of the day until after the ceremony.”

When he came upon what happened, Blaya thought it was hilarious. It’s since grow to be a operating joke between the two buddies.

In truth, it is a story Hidalgo usually finally ends up telling. Because it has a cheerful ending, it is someway grow to be funnier as the years roll on.

“I took tons of pictures of both weddings. I feel like at the wrong wedding, I’m sure I’m in their wedding album somewhere.”

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