(CNN) ā€” With over 350,000 followers on his luxurious yacht-focused Instagram account, Denis Suka is already one thing of an influential determine within the yachting world.

But after posting about unimaginable vessels for practically three years, the person behind the @theyachtmogul account is popping his hand to yacht design.
The social media influencer has teamed up with Bhushan Powar Design Studio to plot a superyacht idea named after his massively standard account.

Measuring 295 toes, the Mogul undertaking options a 26-foot infinity pool, in addition to an proprietor’s suite with floor-to-ceiling home windows, providing panoramic views, a personal sizzling tub and direct entry to a touch-and-go helipad station.

“A lot of yachts aren’t very beautiful,” he tells CNN Travel. “I thought, if I can bring something nice, maybe someone will want to build it. My goal was to come up with something different.

“There are hundreds of yachts within the business. If we make one thing the identical because the others, it is not going to make any distinction.”

Unconventional design

Mogul Superyacht undertaking - Bhushan Powar Design Studio

A rendering of the Mogul project, a collaboration between influencer Denis Suka and Bhushan Powar Design Studio.

Courtesy Bhushan Powar Design Studio

Since creating the Instagram page in 2018, Suka has devoted much of his time to studying yachts and says he’s developed a good understanding of what makes designs stand out, along with what’s currently missing from the market.

He decided to make the owner’s quarters the main focus while conceptualizing Mogul after noticing that this aspect was often neglected in similar vessels.

“In different yachts, you do not even know the place the proprietor’s room is,” Suka explains.

“But in Mogul, the proprietor can sail the boat and look out at a 180-degree view. I can think about waking up with that view.”

Mogul also has a large swim platform, a beach lounge, two tender garages on either side with room for plenty of water toys.

After proposing his idea to the design studio last year, Suka spent six to seven months working on the project, and is thrilled with the result.

“I put a lot work into it,” Suka admits. “Especially as a result of it was my identify [Mogul].”

He says he’s received a lot of positive feedback from potential buyers since revealing the Mogul concept, which has an estimated price of between $180 and 200 million, and has been in discussions with other designers and naval engineers about moving to the next stage.

High demand

Mogul Superyacht undertaking - Bhushan Powar Design Studio

The vessel’s estimated price is between $150 and 200 million.

Courtesy Bhushan Powar Design Studio

If the Mogul concept was to be picked up, Suka believes it would take at least three years to build.

Demand for superyachts has been rising for many years — the global fleet increased from 3,906 crafts in 2009 to 5,646 in 2019, according to the Superyacht Group.

While sales dipped slightly in 2020 due to the pandemic, superyacht market intelligence source BOAT Pro indicated that a total of 341 were sold by the end of the year.

But the more superyachts that emerge onto the scene, the harder it is to truly stand out, and designers are being pushed to come up with vessels that are both eye-catching and innovative.

Mogul is one of several exciting new superyacht concepts that could be hitting the waters in the coming years.

Slovenian design company VOM Creations recently shared adventurous new explorer concept Mr. Hunt, named after Tom Cruise’s character in the “Mission Impossible,” while Lazzarini Design Studio launched the Prodigium project, a vessel shaped like a shark, back in November.

Younger buyers

Mogul Superyacht undertaking - Bhushan Powar Design Studio

The Mogul project features a 26-foot infinity pool and an owner’s suite with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Courtesy Bhushan Powar Design Studio

Suka, who moved to Monaco in 2018, says he’s noticed a shift towards more cutting edge, inventive designs and the boundaries will be pushed further and further as time goes on.

“I’m positive we cannot see a lot of these designs [such as Mogul] in a few years,” he says.

“In the longer term, consumers will probably be even youthful and so they’ll need extra futuristic designs. We’ll see designs which might be extra like spaceships.”

While Suka hopes the Mogul project will come to fruition soon, he’s currently developing a new design for an explorer concept, as well as working as a yacht broker.

“I’ll hold bringing tasks till one among them is constructed,” he adds.

But despite his numerous assignments, Suka remains dedicated to his Instagram account, pointing out that all of the opportunities he’s garnered in the yachting world have come as a result of the page.

“No matter how excessive I am going, Instagram is my precedence, ” he says. “That’s the place I began, and the place I’m now could be due to the account. Everyone is aware of me as ‘the yacht mogul.'”

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