Why don’t more laptops have upgradable RAM? | Ask an expert

Q: Why is soldered RAM so widespread in laptops? It appears very unfriendly to consumers. To get the quantity of reminiscence I would like, my choices are restricted to extraordinarily costly gaming laptops—however I solely want the specs of a mid-range laptop computer.A: Replaceable SODIMM modules make unusual reminiscence configurations within the funds and mid-range possible, for positive. But your description suggests you’re taking a look at ultraportable laptops, which is the seemingly cause you’re placing out in your quest for replaceable RAM.Thin-and-light laptops have a tendency to make use of low-power DDR4 (aka LPDDR4) RAM, which is a kind that requires soldering. Why select it over the SODIMM selection? Beyond the direct profit to battery life, LPDDR4 additionally has the benefit of taking on much less area—and never simply in peak. The room gained by utilizing soldered reminiscence helps preserve the laptop computer slim and might be put towards different functions, like cooling or an even bigger battery.To learn this text in full, please click on right here
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